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Our use of cutting-edge technology helps you to optimize your business and create transparency throughout the delivery process. The technology we employ uses machine learning to manage your shipments in a singular location, optimize for delivery and pickup, and boost linehaul routing capability and more!

Made in Seattle

As a company made in Seattle, we are focused on serving the needs of businesses along the Pacific Corridor. We know the area and understand the supply-chain demand. Our commitment is to utilizing our focused network to drive it all. With our specific region focus, we are better able to serve you the owner operator, by meeting your needs

Commitment to Service

Landon Paul  is fully committed to the highest standard of customer care where all are treated with dignity and respect. We believe each owner operator is unique and faces a set of challenges that should be taken seriously and professionally. That is why our team strives to make sure that we not only exceed your expectations, but every interaction goes as smoothly as possible to ensure you can get your business done. We know that your time is money so we do everything we can to honor and respect that.

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Virtual Dispatching

Already running your own business and looking to grow? Take advantage of our virtual dispatching program. You’ll have access to our back-end system managed by Foehammer. Maintain your authority and continue running you operation independently with an extra touch of support so that your trucking business operates as smoothly as possible.

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